Notice is given of the
Annual General meeting for NPS Area 28

To be held on Friday 26th November at The White Hart Inn, 36 Carmarthen Rd, Llandeilo SA19 6RS at 19:30pm


  1. Apologies:
  2. Minutes of previous AGM 8/11/19
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Election of Committee
  5. Chairman’s Report
  6. Treasure’s Report
  7. Secretary’s Report.
  8. Socials/Events
  9. Any Other Business.

Please let me know if you are attending and if you will be ordering food. Alternatively please send your apologises so I can include those in the minutes.

Hoping to see many of you at the AGM as we really need support to enable the group to continue.

Jane Bryant

NPS Area 28 Secretary

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Food Orders AGM

The White Hart have asked that we inform them of how many people expect to be eating, so could you either contact them direct or let me, (Jane Bryant), know by Wednesday 24th November if you will be ordering food. Orders will need to be placed by 18:30pm. to ensure time to eat prior to the meeting.

NPS Annual Review 2022 - Report for NPS Area 28

Not many reports from individuals who belong to NPS from our Area 28 have been received. If you intend sending something, can you please do this by Sunday 14th November to give time to compile the full report for submission NPS Stoneleigh. Please do not use photographs which were not taken at our summer show but you can include any information as text that you wish.
It is NPS Annual Review time. Copy needs to be sent to Jane Bryant via email, by Friday 5th November if you wish to contribute, to give time to compile our report.

Members have made the most of opportunities to compete in the last 12 months, with considerable success and over perhaps a wider variety of activities than other years. So let us try to waive the flag for NPS Area 28 this time.

Anthony Reynolds has been asked for photos of the major award winners from the Summer Show, as we are only able to include photos from our events in our report. Any photos you submit with the copy must be from an event NPS Area 28 has run and credit the photographer, if professionally taken, to comply with copyright rules. If anyone has a general photo from the summer show, could you send it in by email to be considered for inclusion. If you have photos outside of our area events, which you want published in the review, you should submit them for the photo gallery and not to be part of the Area report.

The link to the form for application to NPS is below.